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Amber Hamilton


As the Chief External Officer, Amber leads the organization’s fundraising and external communications efforts. In her role, she ensures that we have the resources to sustain and grow our work while stewarding Beyond100K’s public profile in a way that celebrates our mission and honors the diverse experiences of our communities, partners, students, and educators. Previously, Amber oversaw fundraising for regional hubs at OneGoal, a national organization focused on helping historically marginalized students identify, navigate, and complete a postsecondary path. Prior to that, she helped launch and grow the OneGoal-New York region as the Founding Head of Development. Amber holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from George Washington University.

Why does belonging in STEM matter to you?

I remember deciding I wasn’t a math person by high school. As the concepts got more complex, I felt I had teachers who kind of gave me a pass to just learn enough to pass rather than encourage me to dream bigger and push through. It made me feel like maybe I didn’t belong in math and undercut my confidence. Whether or not STEM becomes a lifelong passion, everyone should feel they have a place in it to learn and contribute and find joy. We can do hard things.