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Ana Luz Hernández


As the Associate Director of Programs Ana Luz Hernández is responsible for ensuring network partners have ample opportunities to engage with and learn from one another in a way that advances their commitment to STEM teaching and learning, and particularly, equity, representation, and belonging. 

Prior to joining the team, Ana Luz spent several years working alongside school district and university partners in Dallas County committed to growing and racially diversifying their teacher workforce. In this capacity, she redesigned the teacher pathways portfolio of work to center the experience of first-generation Black and Latinx (future) teachers in a way that integrated peer-reviewed research, student and teacher voice, and publicly available data. This set the stage for partners to co-create a HS-to-Teaching Model grounded in self-efficacy.  

The work she has pursued is deeply embedded in her personal story as the daughter of an immigrant. Proximity to people is integral to the work and keeps Ana Luz grounded in her values. Ana Luz holds a Masters of Public Administration from New Mexico State University and a bachelor’s in political science and anthropology from Southwestern University.

Why did you join Beyond 100k?

The organization’s moonshot goal to think strategically and deeply about equity, representation, and belonging in the STEM teacher workforce resonated and attracted me to Beyond100k. What the organization is setting out to do will be difficult, will require an investment of resources, and will take time. And yet I viewed this as an opportunity to work alongside network partners to generate learning that is joyful and powerful and has the potential to transform the experience of BIPOC students and teachers.