Teaching During the Great (un)Equalizer: Rebuilding Teacher Work Environments with Equity at the Center

Today we are excited to launch our new report, Teaching During the Great (un)Equalizer: Rebuilding Teacher Work Environments with Equity at the Center.

This report was born out of 100Kin10’s long-standing belief in the importance of teacher work environments. Our 2018 report Teachers at Work: Designing Schools Where Teachers and Students Thrive highlighted the impact of working conditions on maintaining the teacher workforce and enabling teachers to most effectively drive student learning. With that report as a backdrop, this work uses the response to the COVID pandemic as a way to highlight changes that will improve teacher work environments regardless of the external context.

These teacher-driven recommendations are ones that will make the profession more resilient and adaptable to the demands of the 21st century. As our field collectively works to use the COVID response as a lever for transforming our education system, and given the $130 billion to support K-12 education included in the March 2021 American Rescue Plan Act, we hope that this report, through bringing more teachers’ voices to forefront in naming the conditions they need now and in the future, informs the future state of the education system we are collectively building.

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