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Paola Gonzalez


As the Program Coordinator, Paola is responsible for the logistics, finance, and operations aspects of the Beyond100K program. Before joining the team, she worked as a Development Intern for The CUE Art Foundation, where she managed donor relations and facilitated event planning. In this role, she worked alongside the development team to provide opportunities to underrepresented artists and diversify the art community in New York City. Paola holds a BA in psychology, with a focus on women’s studies, from CUNY Lehman College. She is excited to expand her experience and support students and teachers in STEM fields.

Why does belonging in STEM matter to you?

Belonging in STEM matters to me because the underrepresentation of women and the BIPOC community in STEM fields is a significant issue. The problem begins in the classroom with a lack of POC instructors and continues into the workforce. I am passionate about promoting the inclusion of diverse groups of people in STEM fields to generate innovative ideas that can make the world a better place. I firmly believe bringing together people from different backgrounds can lead to more diverse ideas.