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Meet Our Staff

Meg Rodarte


As the Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Meg is responsible for leading innovation projects by designing and testing new equity-driven ways to enable greater progress toward our goal.

Prior to joining the Beyond100K team, Meg led innovation and R&D efforts for a variety of community-building organizations in the US and abroad. She has focused her career on identifying and understanding the unmet needs within diverse communities and experimenting with new programmatic solutions to meet those needs. She marries her educational background in Dramaturgy with human-centered design principles to lead and innovate with curiosity, connection, and care.

Meg holds an M.A. in International Dramaturgy from the University of Amsterdam and a B.A. in Theater Design from the University of California Santa Cruz. She lives with her husband in Oceanside, California where she embraces the cliché by enjoying many sunsets and long walks on the beach.

Why did you join Beyond100K?

I joined the team because of our innovative, networked impact approach. Having spent time leading experimentation efforts within community centers, nonprofits, museums, and theater companies, Beyond100K offered me the unique opportunity to grow my impact by serving not just one organization – but over 200 and counting! The knowledge that our work ripples throughout the country benefitting teachers, students, parents, administrators, thought leaders, and beyond is energizing!