Reigniting Joyful, Rigorous, and Equitable Foundational Math Learning

Today we are thrilled to release our new report, Reigniting Joyful, Rigorous, and Equitable Foundational Math Learning.

In 2016, the 100Kin10 network launched the Grand Challenges to STEM teaching, an unprecedented network map of the complex and interconnected challenges that have created the STEM teacher shortage. 100Kin10 then identified the most influential among these causes – the catalysts – that if improved, have the potential to generate a domino-like impact across the entire system of STEM teaching and learning. Recognizing the catalysts as the most strategic levers for change, 100Kin10 is mobilizing our network to address them.

In 2019, we launched work around the catalysts related to foundational math with the publication of our report “Doing the Math: Building a Foundation of Joyful and Authentic Math Learning for All Students.” Since then 75 partners have engaged in our foundational math work. In December 2020, during the height of the pandemic, a group of partners met for a virtual event focused on reimagining foundational math. Participants shared a strong desire to revisit the “Doing the Math” report through the lens of COVID-19 and racial and economic justice. Even amidst the many challenges arising from the pandemic, these 100Kin10 network members continued to push to ensure that all teachers and students could engage in rigorous, joyful, and authentic foundational math experiences.

In honor of them, we wanted to dig in further and interviewed twenty math teachers, coaches, and interventionists who were on the ground supporting low-income Black, Latinx, and Indigenous pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students. This follow-up report highlights their experiences, insights, and recommendations.

Recent News

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