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Mable Yiu


As Partnerships Manager, Mable works to make sure our partners have a positive experience in the network. She does this by leading our network-wide communications, and developing a deep understanding of our partners’ work and challenges so they can get the most from our programming. Mable studied Business Management and Psychology at Columbia University. Passionate about community and relationship-building, Mable’s background consists of working in communications, partnerships, and events for NYC-based startups.

Why does belonging in STEM matter to you?

In middle school and high school, I found myself having to navigate the stereotype that “all Asians are good at math.” As math classes grew more challenging, I found myself living under high expectations from both my teachers and peers because of what I looked like, and I didn’t feel like I was able to ask for help at school. Luckily, my dad played a huge role in giving me the support I needed and helped me believe that I could do well in those subject areas. I wish I had experienced more belonging in those math classes because it would have helped me build confidence in STEM and a STEM identity earlier on. STEM is a huge part of our everyday life, and everyone is a STEM person!